Monday, August 7, 2017

Vintage Enthusiast/ Vintage Recreation; The Birth of a New Confidence.

Man, oh, man have I been lazy... Or over worked? Definitely not lazy, so I guess overworked. Working multiple jobs while juggling school on top of that is a massive challenge and takes a toll on you. For awhile there I had gotten to a point of not caring about my appearance and fashion, I honestly was just trying to survive my hectic schedule. It wasn't until recently that I realized that I really need my time of getting dolled up in order to feel confident and ready to take on the world. So here's to making that a minuscule priority again!

Vintage recreation is something that has been dear to my heart since Jr. High really, it was a way for me to stand out and be unique without anyone saying otherwise. For those of you who may wonder how someone develops the vintage enthusiast bug, I think that varies for everyone. For me? I was bullied in seventh grade. I tried so desperately to fit in with a group of "emo" kids (...I know... Don't worry, it was short lived.) and they called bluff on me, this was possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to me. 

(Don't judge my chipped polish... Don't act like you don't have it every once in a blue moon. Tehe.)

After that year I remember spending time with my older cousin Shelby and she had been rocking the vintage style for quite awhile. She would style my hair and makeup in fashions that resembled the 1950s and 1960s and I just remember feeling at home in that style. I felt good. I felt happy. It was right.  

The following year I had come back to school with red lips, curled hair, and a flower pinned to my head; I was never heading back. Thank you Shelby for this introduction of vintage in my life. 

Fast forward nine years, and I am still madly in love with the style. Nothing beats a perfect pin curl set with waves that turned out better than you expected, or a fluffy petticoat underneath a circle skirt to twirl around in with heels that make you want to hop into a technicolor dream and dance until the camera lens pans in on the final scene. 

My point? If you have ever had an interest in the vintage enthusiast ways and have yearned to recreate old fashions, try it. Don't be afraid to let your inner Marilyn, Audrey, Lucille, Rita, or Ginger come out, you just might find something that truly makes your confidence sore. 

Till next time my loverlies,

Paige Virginia 


  1. I missed your blog. hope you post once in a while again :)

    1. That means so much! Im sorry I have been MIA, I just have been very busy trying to get serious about school to get my degree and such. But I will certainly start blogging again. (: