Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Setting Limitations.

Let me start off by saying that I am so annoyed with myself for not being as consistent as I would like to be with this humble blog of mine. There is no excuse really, just pure laziness, that and not knowing what to write about. Everyday that passes by I think about what to write about and I have so many ideas but then I sabotage myself into thinking 'oh no. My followers wouldn't want to read about that.' I tend to shoot down lots of ideas that I have, thinking that they won't fit with what my blog is supposed to be and making it a modge podge of blog posts. I tend to set limitations upon myself. 

Does anyone else do this? It doesn't necessarily have to be with a blog or anything, it could just be life in general. I know I do it all the time, to the point where it has become ridiculous. I have recently noticed that I set limitations on myself way too often through fashion, adventurism, my persona, my faith, my future goals, and pretty much my life in general. 

I have been told for quite some time now that I am such a little fashionista, that I am glamorous and even fragile, fragile to the point of people feeling like they are going to break me in half (which this is highly ironic because I am 5'9 and full of muscle). While yes, these compliments are all quite lovely and endearing to hear I started to take them to a level of modeling who I am after those compliments. Wait a second now, if you have told me any of those compliments please by all means do not stop, because I absolutely love hearing them! I just want to stop limiting myself based of what I think other people think of me. We shouldn't let anything define who are except for what has been placed in our deepest depths of our hearts. Ever since I started growing into this "fragile amazon lady who likes getting all dolled up", I lost the adventurous side of me. The side that didn't care what she would look like after a day at the beach, or the side that didn't care what others may be thinking when the girl who wears 5 inch heals wants to go and witness the world through mission trips with her church. Or even the new side of the girl who grew up with one dream and is now starting to yearn for another.

Growing up I have always had a passion for dancing, as I am sure a lot of you may know. That passion is still very much alive but as of lately has been overshadowed by a new, almost bigger and scarier dream. Lately I have felt more passionate about being inspirational to women, to live my life in a way that I feel God has called me to and that scares me to death. This has been building up inside of me for awhile now and before I always told myself no because I wanted to fulfill that childhood dream of mine. I set those limitations once again. I told myself the only way you will be successful is by getting a career as a professional dancer, this is what has been chosen for you and don't you want to show all those nay-sayers that they were wrong? That you can become a dancer despite what others may think of you? I began to lose site of what was truly important, which is chasing a dream for myself and myself alone, not to prove others wrong. 

I could go on and on about how many limitations I have set on myself just to fit a certain mold that will make sense to the human eye, but that wouldn't be very inspirational or just flat out fun to read. I am taking a stand against these limitations, I am no longer living my life as a planned route to practical success. Why can't a girl who loves wearing fancy cocktail dresses and heels go on mission trips? Why can't she get rough and tough with the guys when it comes to exploring? Why can't my blog be a modge podge of different posts? After all, that's who I am. And why can't dreams change in the blink of an eye or in a whisper of a prayer? Why? Stop setting limitations on yourself! Stop self sabotaging! Just stop it, okay?! Go after whatever you feel is right, whether it's talking to a handsome man who you think is too good for you or wearing something that may not be apart of your normal look or even go after a new dream, no matter how intensely terrifying it may be. Live your life! Don't become so stuck in your life you feel like there's no way out, because that will just be you setting limitations upon yourself and I think it's about time us "scaredycats" take a leap of faith and dive into a new self perception. Have faith in yourself and even more faith in God and he will surely be there to guide your every step.

Till Next Time My Darlings,

Paige Virginia

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  1. Lovely, my dear. Don't stop being you because people don't understand. You are enough, just as you are.