Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Desert Playground and Sunday Best.

So I really need to stop promising that I'll be better about blogging. I'm sorry about being gone for so long, it's just been pretty hectic for me lately. So far my family and I are moving, I got a job at Starbucks, and I have gotten much more involved at my church. I am slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things so don't get too upset, I'll be coming back as much as I possibly can! 

I am so stoked for all that God has put in my life and it's all because of him that I am getting to experience these new opportunities and I couldn't be more thankful! We are currently in the middle of trying to sell our home because we bought a beautiful desert lot and let me tell you, I can't wait to move to this area because basically our back yard is a rock climbing playgound! It's stunning!

As you can see the rocks are HUGE and you can really only get the full effect if you are there in person to see just how big they really are! And you see those two huge rocks? We've named them Mick and Keith, like the Rolling Stones? Get it? We thought it was funny.... Anywho! This lot has gorgeous views all around accompanied by gorgeous sunsets and shrubs that smell like rain ALL THE TIME. That's pretty amazing considering we live in the  desert in sunny all the darn time but wish we got just a little more rain once in awhile SoCal. So it's like we get the best of both worlds! The Starbucks that I will be working at is also close to our new home which is also extremely exciting, so all in all it's a win win situation. Starting today I will be leading a Jr. High bible study group along with my normal nursery routine, which it's amazing that Starbucks was willing to work with my crazy schedule that is centered around God and what he wants from me. I am so ready to make coffee, love on babies, and be apart of Jr. Higher's lives and be able to walk with them while they discover who they are not only in this big, scary world but who they are in Christ. I hope that I will still have time to dance and I'm sure that God will give me opportunities to still do what I truly love, it's just a matter of time and money for classes. Life is good. 

Oh! And here's a little outfit of the day for you all. I went for a very simple and classic 1940's look for church the other day and ended up loving it more than I thought I would.

Top: Free from a clothing swap at church
Belt: Target, I believe that I spent a good $10-$15 for this unfortunately. I really needed a good skinny belt, so I splurged...
 Skirt: Thrift Store, $3.00
Mary Jane Heels: Christmas Gift, I think they were from Target
Liz Claiborne Bag: Thrift Store, $5.00 tops

The gold flowy top and mary jane heels added a sense of elegance to such a simple and casual burgundy skirt, it's not too over the top but just enough to make me transport myself to a whole new world. 
I love getting all dolled up, it's so much fun and it's how I pamper myself. Vintage inspired fashion to me is just so fun, unique, classic, and artistic in a way. I love playing my vinyl (or pandora depending on if I am in a hurry or not) and transporting myself in a whole different era through fashion. It's great fun and you should try it. 

Till Next Time My Darlings,

Paige Virginia

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