Sunday, September 14, 2014

1950's Inspired Cotton Candy Princess Dress

Have you ever just seen a dress and thought to yourself, "That dress is so beautiful that it can make me feel like a Disney princess" ? Well this happens to be one that just happens to hang in my closet...

I just love how classic of a cut this dress has. I added a soft pink petticoat to add some volume to the bottom and paired it with light blue pumps, the coolest 1950s clutch, and adorable see through gloves given to me from my grandma.

Also, the colors remind me of cotton candy, you can't go wrong with that.

Not to mention I love how it is able to show off my curves in a very tasteful way.

Best of all this dress was a gift from one of my lovely bosses in the nursery, Christina. She is such a sweetheart and someone I am glad I got to know even more. Thank you again Christina! 

Dress: Gift from Christina
Petticoat: Elsewhere Vintage (Can't remember Price) 
Shoes: H&M $7.00
Bag: Thrift Store $5.00
Gloves: Great Grandma's closet

Photo Credit: My beautiful momma! She says that she can't take photos... but I thought she did a pretty fantastic job, not a single one of these have gone through editing.

A dream of mine has always been to be a princess, whether it's a Disney princess or an actual princess, and this dress allows me to feel like one straight out of the 1950's, that my friends is something a pair of jeans cannot do for you. Ladies, don't EVER allow anyone to make you feel any less than a princess! You are more beautiful and valuable than you will ever know and there is only one man worth giving everything to and he will never take advantage or forsake you. "He has made everything beautiful in it's time." Ecclesiastes 3:11 

Till Next Time My Darlings,

Paige Virginia


  1. What brand is this dress?? I absolutely love it to pieces. That cut is amazing. :)

    1. It's by Sears, I wanna say its actually from the 70's or 80's because the zipper is plastic in the back but is very reminiscent of the 1950's and 60's!

  2. Stunning! I like the colour of the bag and the shoes and how everything is matching perfectly together! I like a lot your pink gloves.