Monday, September 29, 2014

Thrift Shops and Grandma's Closet.

Hello my dearies, can I just talk about how second hand clothing is sometimes the best? Well, I'm going to anyways... There is nothing more satisfying than wearing an outfit that is completely second hand and probably cheaper than a dress from your local target. Okay, so yes there are things in this world that are more satisfying than that and I adore Target, but hey I like to be a tad dramatic. This outfit was put together on a very lazy day, I wanted to remain comfortable while still having a sense of vintage fashion thrown in.

You like that nice ombre tan I've got going on? That's what you get when you forget to put sunscreen on your chest....

Top: Thrift Shop 
Belt: Forever21(Okay, so this isn't second hand but it was cheap!)
Skirt: Thrift Shop
Shoes: Payless (These aren't second hand either but I've had them for YEARS so I feel like these were worth the buy in eighth grade, especially sense they have lasted so long.)
Hat: Antique Shop in the High Desert
Bracelets: Great Grandma's Hand-me-downs

I was going for a simple, 1950's esque, beatnik kind of look... whether or not I achieved it, well I guess that depends. As for my confidence that day was very high and that is what I think is most important, to be confident.

Remember it's not the clothes that wear you, it's you that wears the clothes (I know, deep right?) But seriously! I can't tell you how many times I get told that people love my style and wish they could wear what I wear yet "they themselves could never pull it off". In my opinion you can wear anything as long as you hold your head up high, believe that you can wear anything, and make sure that you are the one that people are staring at, not just your clothes.

Be confident. Be beautiful. Be YOU. You'll go far with that attitude. 

Till next time my darlings,

Paige Virginia


  1. I'm a thrifty gal by nature and rarely pay full price for anything!! {I consider all thrift store purchases a sale because you almost always get a fab deal!} And if I ever get a nice vanity like that, I will most definitely posting more outfit posts. Currently my room and house are a mess...ick. Someday!

  2. I like the look a lot! You're really cute!

  3. aww you look so gorgeous! Very classic retro outfit :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts